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I am available to teach private lessons on double bass and bass guitar. My teaching method covers the technique needed to play the instrument in a comfortable manner that will allow the student to express them self musically. I teach students from beginner to advanced. I am also available for ensemble coaching.


This is an overview of my teaching method

Left hand technique for optimum sound creation and intonation

Right hand technique (pizzicato and arco for double bass)

Reading standard notation

Scales and arpeggios throughout the entire range of the instrument

Learning standard repertoire

Applied theory

Jazz improvisation


I teach lessons in my private studio in Sugarhouse, Utah. My rate for lessons is $40.00 for a one hour lesson, however I do offer discounted rates for those who wish to sign up and pay for their lessons monthly.


My lesson policy is

Students who wish to pay monthly will be charged $35.00 per one hour lesson totaling $140.00 per month

Students who wish to pay week to week pay $40.00 per one hour lesson totaling $160.00 per month

When you book a lesson time with me that time will be reserved for you each week unless otherwise stated

The student is responsible for the lesson time whether they can make it or not

If the student needs to cancel a lesson 24 hours advance notice is required. Exceptions can be made in the event of an emergency

I will make every effort to reschedule your lesson however make up lessons are at my convenience

If I am unable to teach a lesson advance notice will be given and a make lesson will be scheduled

Monthly students receive priority when scheduling make up lessons


If you have any questions please contact me and I will be happy to answer them.